What a great Community Art Making Summer! Friends of the Grove set up 5 times in total and made hundreds of tin buttons with folks and approx 100 free glass fridge magnets!3 events were dated ( June 29,July 27 and August 24th) where we set tables up at Surrey Muse Garden Reading Series in Newton PLOT Garden! Many poetic buttons/magnets were made each event! We supplied food and hot coffee at each event as well.
July 24th we set up a tent in Newton Grove and were swarmed with children,parents and grandparents.We also had quite a few rough sleepers attend that made art with us!So many children became so excited to see their artwork made into fridge magnets or tin buttons.We supplied hot chocolate and cookies for this event!
Sept 5/6/7/8 I brought along supplies to Bowen with Vancouver Foundation and folks from all over made free art with me!I also painted quite a few lady bugs as per VF logo and gave all away during weekend.
I adore building community with free art and food/music. All folks feel welcome to participate and that is where the strength lies! People go away feeling proud and happy to have made something cool they can keep forever or give as gifts. We all get to share some smiles,food and laughter together. We had such multi cultural participation at each event!There were teenagers,elders and most important a ton of young folks. To see the delight in there eyes and faces after making art is very special to me,Malini  and to Steve Webster!Mailina who co applied had summer school, schedule that kept her from participating as much as she would have liked but she did attend once and cut loads of blank button pictures in her spare time at home.

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