This project had to wait until early fall, which is the best time to renovate gardens, plant perennials, prune and divide many plants–plus its a great time for people to come together after a busy summer! Our team of volunteers purchased native and pollinator plants, along with structural hard goods like cement blocks and bark mulch, all thanks to the grant from NSG–Kits House–Vancouver Foundation. Then they gathered outside, safely distanced, to carry out the hard work of digging soil, hauling old plants away and dividing tired perennials. The goal? To fully renovate the front boulevard garden at the historic Kitsilano Community Garden, a high profile spot and the garden’s calling card. This garden had fallen into disrepair, simply by many years without renovation, as the supporting walls holding up the slope on which the garden sits, had fallen. Also many of the shrubs and perennial plants had been allowed to overgrow their bounds or had begun to die back due to lack of division. The whole area needed a full re-think and re-design! Volunteers within our garden community stepped up to carry out each task and came together in early October to carry out the work. By establishing the pollinator and native plants within a new terraced garden space, supported properly once again, it will allow the area to thrive for a long time! As our photos show, the hard work by our crew of volunteers paid off and KCG now once again has a beautiful Many, probably hundreds, of people walk past every week on the front sidewalk and the nearby green line…now all can once again enjoy our boulevard garden, a great benefit for the whole community.
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