Enjoying the last few days of summer was on everyone’s mind! And what’s sun without a community! I brought together some fun games with food!

I started with preparing a flyer with date, time, place, agenda and shared it on all the social media community groups: Clayton Heights Neighbourhood, Local Love Clayton, Clayton Heights, BC, Langley events etc. I started promoting the event a week before and engaged with the audience. That leveraged trust and rapport with our community already! Also, I started meeting people in the park, son’s school and soccer game to distribute my flyer (now with a QR code for the Clayton whatsapp group) and share more information about it. I also leveraged the gathering in the library and requested to share the flyer in their notice board as well.

And the excitement grew as the day got closer!! I had 80+ interested and 50+ going on the vent I created on facebook. And there were 10+ families that showed up for the event. And since the event took place in the park, even others could join in!

For the event, we had posters all around the pillars and picnic table area to invite and let people know that this was their event rather than a private event. Soon people starting coming and it grew into a 60+ people event, We started with memory game introduction, followed by fun easy standing yoga for kids, tambola game and water balloon game! To top it over, we had drinks, BBQ and snacks for all ages.

Overall a fun event with the support of NSG. And thanks for helping us create a fun community!

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