This was my first in-person workshop and I thank Neighbourhood Small Grants for giving me the opportunity to host a workshop for our community. I can proudly say I taught a group of 7 neighbour’s a new craft that I love- Macrame.
I have done a few virtual workshops, but this in-person workshop was a completely different experience. It enabled me to be a better instructor by providing tailored attention to each participant based on their needs.
The most memorable part about the process was how participants helped each other in the process and worked together as a team. It felt like the participants were ready to be instructors and was proof that my teaching skills were impactful.
The biggest learning for me was the planning and the process involved in an in-person workshop. I learned the basics of planning an event which will be helpful for me to conduct future workshops and exhibitions for the community. One of the challenges I faced were people backing out till the last minute. So, to overcome this I created a waitlist and was updating new participants till the last day so that none of the spots go empty.
Of the 7 participants, 6 were women. I was glad to see a male participant. None of the participants had ever made a macrame before. Everyone created the complete product and took home their creation- a beautiful plant hanger.
I look forward to hosting more workshops for the community with the support of Neighbourhood Small Grants.

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