With the help of the Neighbourhood Small Grant, I have successfully created 52 small gift bags containing local items for seniors. I reached out to a local through a website for my community who makes chocolate truffles. We discussed how to make it work and they made me 52 small bags of truffles containing two truffles each. I also reached out to a local company called, Splitrock Environmental. They sold me 52 various teas including, Yarrow tea, Stinging nettle tea, rosehip tea, sage tea and mullein leaf tea. I was also given some delicious dried apples made by a local. With the help of a friend, I contacted local bands and senior homes where we arranged pick-up times and drop-off times. I gave 7 bags to the local senior choir group, 20 to the senior homes that I delivered door to door while maintaining social distancing and 25 bags to the xwisten community that were picked up and handed out while also maintaining social distancing. Thank you to the Neighbourhood small grants program for making this opportunity possible, all the seniors were so grateful.
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