We are a group of Singing and dancing lovers who practice singing and dancing and have been doing free performances for our neighbours, especially Nursing Homes, for years to bring happiness to people and to influence people to live a happy life. Holding parties once in a while is necessary to bring our participants closer, to have the opportunities to listen to their questions and voices, to deepen the relationships between each other, to influence more participants to come out and be involved in healthy activities, and it’s helpful to connect with multicultural varieties.
The challenge that we face the most is to have every one of our group to be present for the party. To solve this issue, we planned our party to be after the performance since this is the time when our performers have planned and scheduled to show up anyway. It has been proven that’s our best decision and solution.

It was really a good party after we did our performance at the Michael Fox Theatre. Everyone was excited and relaxed after days and days of practice. Owing to the grants, we had the opportunity to treat our active participants with some honours and lunch and drinks. During the gathering, we talked about what we did well and what we need to improve more. We also discussed our plans for the future to visit more nursing homes and involve ourselves with more social welfare activities to help and influence more people.

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