With the Grade 12s not getting a graduation ceremony and the extra stress of having to navigate the pandemic while figuring out what to do after high school, I thought they deserved something extra special. There were only 21 students in Grade 12, so that gave me enough budget to create fun gift bags filled with treats from local shops. I started thinking of what treats a Grade 12 would love and poutine from Ukee Dogs came to mind. It snowballed from there!
Tourism Tofino got wind of the NSG project and immediately jumped in with 21 enamel camping mugs for each grad. Tofino Kombucha offered up a can for each student, Parks Canada donated a toque and whistle, Tourism Ucluelet gave a pennant, Ukee Scoops gifted free ice cream to each grad, and I spent the remaining grant money on Chocolate Tofino, Thay Tea bubble tea, a free mini-golf session at Long Beach Golf Course, a token from Image West, and of course, the coupon for a Ukee Dogs poutine. I was amazed with how much each Grade 12 got in their gift bag. The $500 went a long way.
There was a bit of running around to do the week leading up to delivering the gift bags, but nothing too stressful. A friend helped package everything up and we opted to use a recyclable brown paper bag to put the treats in.

Here is a link to the article that appeared in the local newspaper:

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