Our project was executed this last Sunday, June 25th.
Carmen and I are very happy with the results!
We managed to get 10 complete sets to give away. We had to squeeze our brains and develop a new design than originally planned, so we were able to get 10 complete sets of:

– Worm farms (including the bins, starting layers, some food, extra provision of dry layers, and all implemented with wormies!!
– Pot soil mix with mycorrhizae along with seed starting trays and provision of 4 different seeds.
And, of course: a final refreshment with yummy snacks at the end of the workshop.

The targeted registration (10 persons) was completed, and all of them attended (with some extra interested companions). Only one registered person said she got sick and asked to keep her sets, which we did. Ross, from the CNH Food Justice team, has them saved until she comes to pick it up.

The event developed as follows:

First, I delivered a PowerPoint presentation in the common room of the second floor; that gave me the needed background on the topic (it is not only about recycling or growing plants; it is about the preservation of our health and the environment)

Second, we had a hands-on workshop in the rooftop garden. We assembled two top shades and a table to let all the participants set up their own worm farm after a brief explanation of how to do so. All participants were happy and satisfied with their new companions. Q&A was done right on place.

– We, finally, had the sharing of refreshments and goodies. Lots of happy faces there.
There were many questions about …. “what is coming next?”

I’ve just told them that the intention was to start a series of workshops in which they will be kept posted and invited to participate. And this is true; Carmen and I will continue on this lead, aiming to reach a bigger number of community members.
Our kindest gratitude to NSG – Greenest City and the evaluation committee.

Thank you for the opportunity given!!

Carmen / Jose

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