For this project, I organized four online live mindfulness sessions. Each session was led by a different local facilitator with a different style on Zoom. Sessions included mindfulness, silent and sound meditation, progressive relaxation and visualization. The event was publicized and accessed through Facebook and a local community website. Their sessions generated a lot of interest with 119 people responding interested in the events on Facebook. An intimate number of locals joined and enjoyed each session.

The feedback that I received about the project was very positive from those who participated and facilitated. I did learn that the timing (7pm) was a hard time for those with young families. If I were to organize a similar project I would try adjusting the time slightly later so that a different demographic would be able to access the sessions.

Overall the project was very well received! The facilitators and I learned how to utilize the online platforms of Facebook and Zoom to meet our needs, and there has been requests from the facilitators to continue on with online sessions.
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