This last year has been challenging for many of our neighborhood families with sickness and COVID running though our homes. Unfortunately, we had to postpone the date for our BBQ celebration multiple times due to these circumstances. This now brings us to December 2022, which gave us the opportunity to educate and provide valuable information on how to build resiliency within our neighborhood. We chose to have an outdoor gathering where all families were welcome. This was one of the most challenging tasks, as many members of our community are busy single moms and finding a time that worked for everyone, we realized was not possible. So, we made good with who was available.
As we know during a disaster our community will be our most reliable and immediate source of help. We as a Habitat for Humanity Community feel incredibly lucky to have received the Neighbour Small Grant to become more prepared as a community. This opportunity has enabled us to purchase items for our disaster emergency kit which will be housed in our communal garden shed with key access for all families here at Sanderson Place. Some of the items we have purchased are emergency blankets, a first aid kit, water, flashlights, extra batteries, candles, zip ties, tarps, and a garden hose with the hopes this is just the first of many steps to becoming more prepared as a community. Each of our 10 families in our community received a Home Emergency Plan booklet to fill out with fellow family members and to create an individual emergency plan. By using the Prepared BC, Neighbourhood Preparedness Guide, we have started to create our neighbourhood emergency plan. By utilizing the steps in the booklet, we have identified the crucial first steps to becoming more prepared as a community. Such as identifying a safe meeting place and assigning responsibilities roles. With 23 children and 13 adults in our community, we feel the extreme responsibility to educate and create a safe community for all by being prepared for an emergency. Our goal was to create a stronger, more resilient group of Neighbours and we believe we are on the way to bettering our Habitat for Humanity neighbourhood by being prepared as community.
We are so grateful to the Neighbourhood Small Grant Committee for giving us the means and opportunity to begin our NEPP journey. We are excited to be started and to continue educating and planning for our community.
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