Thanks for NSG from Vancouver Foundation letting me reunion with my old friends. How happy it is!
On 31 of Aug, there were about 42 people gathered at the Party Room of the building, 9981 Whalley BLVD. They are mainly the residents of the building and the neighbour building, 13688 100ave. The reason of the gathering was because I held an event named Happy Potluck there with NSG fund. I live in a house and have no enough space for the gathering. Then an acquaintance helped me book this Party Room for the event. With NSG fund we prepared too much dishes, snacks, drinks and gifts for people in the event. People there have ate these food joyfully. They said they had a lots fun in the event.
But the most exciting miracle for me was that I have met the family of my old friend in the event. We have not seen each other for many years. I have been living in Canada for over 25 years. I have been busy with works, learning English and helping to raise grandchildren. Plus, I live in the house. So, I have less connection with others except my family.
I was so excited when I met the family of my old friend in my event—Happy Potluck. They said they came to Vancouver for 3 years and recently they moved in the building of 13688.
Oh, how nice it is! Because of the Vancouver Foundation, our two family could reunion again in the event of NSG. Not only me, I think, in the event many people got connection with each other and some of them became friends.
I like NSG, like going to community, like connecting with people.
Thank You, Vancouver Foundation.
Thank You, NSG.

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