We held the “Health and Wellness communication for the elderly” NSG event at 13688 100 Ave. Surrey, 10 August 2019, 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Invited a senior medical expert Dr. Zhang Zujun to have lectures, and made a sign-up counseling, which for the elderly cardiovascular disease and hypertension, high blood lipids and high blood sugar prevention, monitoring and treatment methods. And recommend that we establish “the elderly health information and contact methods of personal health card”, noon and exchange, afternoon continue to explain, and focus on the discussion of personal health issues, thus solving a variety of health treatment methods, so that everyone on the health level of the elderly on the awareness of further improved. After the lecture, also carried out the performance and viewing of literary and artistic programs, and finally held a friendship luncheon. Through the words, made many new friends, and enhanced the communication and friendship between the neighbors, promoted the harmony and unity of the community, and enhanced the integration of the community’s multi-cultural.
Thank you very much for the NSG project gave us a neighborhood harmony, multi-cultural touch of an opportunity, has made a great harvest! Thank you for the NSG, thank you NSG coordinator for your hard work! Thank you!
Zhiqing Li and Shilan Zhu

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