My herb walk was a success!

All the participants were lovely inquisitive people, giving me much joy in sharing my knowledge with them.

We met at 10am, and started with introductions. I commenced by speaking about plantain which was under everyone’s feet. This plant has been brought to North America by early sailers. Now it is found anywhere people walk. It is used as a first aid treatment to sooth bug bites or slivers. The tea has been used to sooth bronchial congestion.

From there I walked them all around Jericho park stopping along the way to bring to attention various plants and talk about their benefits.

Some of the plants we learned about included Hawthorn, Dandelion, Licorice fern, Comfrey, St Johns Wort, Red Clover and many more.

Every walk is unique because the plants are always in transition. A spring walk would be completely different because we would be seeing younger plants and more flowers. This walk had many berries and larger broader leaves. I spoke about plants for food in cases of survival, plants for nutritional value, plants which can balance our digestion, others that help to regulate our circulation, etc…We encountered frogs and mice and even saw a small hawk catch a smaller bird. It was quite exciting! I feel that all these ladies will not look at this park in the same way as before.

I liked the small group not only because it allowed all of us to safely distance but also it felt more intimate and I think easier for everyone to feel comfortable to join in the conversations.

I found the project went well, I had my total of 6 signed up soon after posting this event. I did ask all participants to let me know as soon as possible if they wouldn’t attend so I could fill their spots quickly. 2 had to withdraw but I managed to fill one of the vacant spots and needed with 5 participants.

Keeping distant was not a problem with such a small group and with the walk being outdoors.
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