This project was aimed at bringing the neighborhood children together for fun filled hiking trips in Surrey. We chose Tynehead Park as it is an easy hike for the sake of safety and convenience. About 20 people including kids, youth and seniors arrived at Tynehead Park in the afternoon on 24 August 2019. After setting up the spot, we started hiking in groups guided by adults. After hiking, he assembled back to the spot and discussed with youth about the benefits of Hiking. We encouraged them to participate in the discussion to know what they like and what they did not like about hiking and taught how such activities are important.
Following was the outcome of the discussion about Hiking:
>>Hiking is a great way to exercise and reduce stress.
>>Hiking is a great way to boost your self-confidence.
>>Hiking is an excellent opportunity to explore and learn.
>>Hiking improves Team work and leadership skills.
The program was actually divided in to three sessions (Hiking, Food and Fun) to attract youth. After Hiking and discussion session, we prepared and had health food and celebrated the success of the program.

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