We planned to use our NSG to upgrade the hospital break room for staff at the Tofino General Hospital. Staff at the hospital had been overwhelmed with the demand and stress of working during COVID and we wanted to show our appreciation for the effort and risk they were taking to help keep our community safe during the pandemic. We started by conducting a staff survey to get a sense about how the break room was used and what staff felt was missing or needed to be upgraded. We compiled the results that came in and made the purchases necessary with the funds (cubby boxes, glass kettle, new coffee maker, table, etc). Then came the fun part! After being double vaccinated, I was able to go into the hospital break room and reorganize their kitchen, entrance, and general break area. I cleaned shelves, set up new furniture, and edited the kitchen so that the space was clean and streamlined, creating a more relaxing and functional area for all hospital staff to enjoy, aiming to increase their enjoyment and recovery while on breaks.

Feedback from nurses:
“Thank you so much for the awesome upgrades!”
“Having this room organized and updated makes such a big difference for our mental health!”
“We love it–thank you CBT for making our breaks much more enjoyable!”
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