Hi, my name is Lothar Myck. I am a 15 year old, west coast based musician, producer and songwriter. Before the Pandemic I would play music at the Ucluelet seniors centre on Wednesdays after school until supper. I even guest performed for a few concerts! The pandemic has limited the seniors to their rooms. They were not allowed to eat supper or socialize in the community room anymore. I wanted to create a way to get my entertainment back into the centre. I wrote a song that I have called the Journey of the Slug. It is inspired by the beautiful landscapes we are constantly surrounded by. I wanted to write a piece of music that shows someone else’s perspective of nature. Naturally, I had the desire to showcase our beautiful West Coast in a video for my song. So local musician/videographer Geoff Johnson and I teamed up. Together we videotaped footage and collaborated on a music video for the song. I have uploaded the video to my YouTube channel for everyone to enjoy. And as not all seniors are computer literate I put copies onto DVDs. These can be viewed in the common room (at the seniors centre) when they are allowed to start social distancing again and until then, there will be copies for their rooms. This project has taught me a lot about video editing. I have also learnt that communities are important. We all need to stay connected and look after each other in our communities pandemic or not.
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