Our Zoom graduation house show was a success. An online version of the type of neighborhood parties we usually had, it was amazing to see our community in celebration of our graduation from UBC together. We definitely achieved what we set out do! We had an amazing party with 60+ attendees on Zoom, familiar faces, and the same energy we used to have at our in person gatherings.

It was a great farewell to the days before COVID, and a welcome in, to the way we can experience care and friendship during these more difficult moments. That night, people shared poetry an art, music, performance. We reminisced with a slide show of our good times in the neighborhood,  and at UBC, and we learned in the process to celebrate and care for each other. It was so lovely to have this virtual graduation celebration despite the difficulty of the present moment!

My most memorable moment was when folks went around and shared memories of their favourite times celebrating and being together in the house, and set out visions for where they want to go after graduation. It was also lovely to have our DJ Josh, keep the party going, and to dance and chat with everyone together. There were toasts, there were tears, and there were a lot of poems!  And afterwards we sent out poetry book prizes to the crowd favourite performances, the best-dressed, and to the party nominated “Valedictorian” of this decade!
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