The I AM RESILIENT. gratitude journal project for resilience received the NSG and thoroughly felt it benefitted Comox Valley. I started by reaching out the the youth organizations online and SD71 was able to forward the opportunity I had created to offer gratitude journals to youth. While awaiting responses, I used a template I created to promote resilience in the journal including listing gratitude, planning self-care activities, and space to write thoughts. I got these printed at Island Blue in Victoria, BC. Some of the school counsellors reached out to me directly with interest in receiving journals for the students in Elementary and Middle School. One of the schools had them given as a sendoff gift for the grade 7’s. I AM RESILIENT. donated all of the printed journals, plus the draft copies due to demand before the end of the 2020/ 2021 school year! Going in to the summer and years to follow, the students receiving these journals will benefit immensely!

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