The name of my project: Neighbour Online KARAOKE Party–Keep Seniors Staying Happy During the Strange Times.

It took place on August 29, from 1.30pm to 4.00pm, 2020. That was a on Zoom event. There were 25 seniors of neighbours in the event. They sang 14 songs( I attached Program List above ) and talked a lot with each other in the event. They all looked exiting, beautiful and happy. It last about 2.5 hours. They all said it was a nice, wondaful, unforgettable event and hoped I hold the event like this again near future. They let me tell NSG that they thank for NSG fount giving them so much happiness by joining the event. Also, there were some respond that sent me after event by WeChat:
"Because I stayed at home alone since Covid 19, I felt very sad, did not want to eat daytime, could not sleep well at night. Yesterday I joined your event on Zoom, I sang, I talked with people, I felt pretty happy. Today I had much breakfast in the morning and cleaned my home that has been not cleaned for a long time. Thank you for hosting the KARAOKE party !"
" Kazuo, Yesterday's Zoom Party was very nice. Our neighbours had a platform to meet each other. What is your event next time? Don't forget me! "
"I told to my son about yesterday's KARAOKE party by phone, he was very happy too. He said he could feel my health, because my voice was very exciting and joy. Kazuo, all this was because of yesterday's gathering. Thank you"
There were more comments from them. I omitted here.

After event I prepared a lot of gifts for seniors who joined my Zoom event on Aug.29 by using NSG fount. They enjoyed second happy time by receiving NSG gifts and were very satisfaction on the gifts that I chose . I bought 25 bottles soy sauce, 1.9L bottle for each and 25 bottles VEG Oil, 2.84L bottle for each, for them. Every senior who joined my Zoom party can get one bottle of soy sauce and one bottle of veg oil as NSG gifts. I took pictures that they came to pick up the gifts in the front of my building, but there was something wrong with my table let, the pictures were not very good.
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