Our project went great!
We originally were hoping for 6-8 students, but we had 12 sign up immediately, so we decided to run that with 2 instructors.
Our space was a little tight, but we offered 2 different projects for the students to choose from to split the group.
We began the lesson with a brief introduction to who we were, our studio, and the space we were using (The Factory). We then led into some information about jewellery making and the tools we use.

We explained the steps in each project before we got started so the students had somewhat of an idea of what to expect. Each project staggered slightly, so the students were all working at various stages of their piece. Some students were keen to have full hands-on experience and learn every step of the process, while others preferred to watch and absorb the steps that way.

There was a little downtime in between helping some students, but we did offer snacks and beverages, which was helpful.
The class was approximately 2 hours long, but due to some of the finishing techniques, some students had to wait slightly longer for their finished piece. Every student left with a wearable piece of sterling silver jewellery.

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