As it was the first of its kind an ‘ice-breaking’ musical event which unfortunately fell victim to COVID-19 pandemic, I as a project leader have had to face multiple challenges, such as time, budget, rehearsing to name a few. But, it gave me a thrilling experience as it was acclaimed by the audience, despite the size of the online Zoom audience.

It was a teamwork of basically four people: myself, Bikram Adhikari (musical accompaniment), Shristi Pradhan (logistics) and Kamala Bajracharya (singing as a guest artist). We did 4 rehearsals, spanning two months, at Bikram/Shristi’s place in Vancouver that I had to travel all the way from Surrey, which was a 90-minute commute each way. Timewise I had to invest 50 odd hrs, and so did Bikram and Shristi. The passion for it was the main thrust behind its success.
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