As the title suggests, this project at the Kitsilano Community Garden involved hoses and watering systems. The old hoses and attachments required replacing as the heavy volume of use definitely causes wear and tear on all the equipment. The garden is run entirely by volunteers from the KCG membership and from that group a Watering Committee is formed. This Watering Committee carried out the research needed to identify the hoses/attachments, board members applied for this grant, which enabled us to purchase the supplies, then volunteers came together in May, 2022 to carry out the improvements. Working together, our team replaced all the hoses and attachments and re-established working order to the watering system. Our 49 plot holders who tend to veggies, fruits, flowers and shrubs were able to continue hand watering their plants without interruption. To date, everything is functioning perfectly and we have put the funding from Vancouver Foundation to excellent use!

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