For my Neighbourhood Small Grant project, I wanted to give back to the seniors community and wanted to give them a way to communicate with their loved ones during this pandemic time. I have always loved the art of letter writing and know that it is a great way, especially for older generations to keep in touch with their relatives and friends.

I reached out to a local stationery store in Vancouver (Regional Assembly of Text) and got them to supply me with the means to put together 56 individual sets with envelopes and paper sheets. I also went to a children’s store in Vancouver (Dilly Dally) and purchased stickers on the roll so I could slip a little sheet in each. The post office was my last errand for the project where I got enough stamps to put two in each set. Then I was ready to spend the day assembling the 56 sets – I loved the process of putting the stationery sets together and knowing that they were going to go to a good cause.

I contacted Royal City Manor here in New Westminster to donate the stationery care packages to them and was able to drop them off with their receptionist on April 29th. They were happy to receive them for their residents and I was happy to get to share my project with their wonderful facility.

This was my third funded NSG project and I cannot say enough wonderful things about this community. If you are thinking of bringing an idea to reality, I highly recommend you go for it!
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