My Soccer Event was successful project that brought joy, competition, and sheer will to the young kids of my community, I ordered all the soccer equipments two weeks before the event date, the time frame 3-6pm was the chosen time to start the game because most of the kids were at school or night programs within the community center.

In Tuesday 10th 2023 they played a fair game of soccer in a very lovely weather it started at 4:30pm and ended at 5:10pm a game of 15 minutes and 5 minutes water break. The kids who didn’t have equipments were provided with brand new Soccer cleats, Goalie Gloves and Shin pads with socks. There was prizes based on the performance of the player of from ages 5-9 and from ages 9-15. At the end all the kids congratulated each other for a great game they displayed and the parents and siblings also attended and cheered. Many kids were so thoughtful and selfless by not playing selfishly instead working as a team to achieve success as they were trained a week before the game as a team, there was a referee and a first aid certificate holder “Yahya” all thanks to him for considering the chance and being involved in the project also it was his birthday. Zakariya Bakour and Khalid two of the kids said that they wish that this project continues and becomes an event in a weekly basis so the kids could play outside in the open field and organized soccer game. At the end I want to say thank you NSG, the donors and the team for making this event happen.

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