Event Date: October 12,2021
Coordinator: Heather Spence
Number of participants: 12

Description of the Event:
This project included 12 peers interested in learning about the Indigenous Culture. The teachings and knowledge sharing were delivered to the group were through lived experiences shared. A traditional meal was shared amongst the group as this teaching of gathering and sharing food is practiced in our culture to bring people together. Opportunity to smudge and/or pray was provided before our teaching/sharing began. This gathering was open to Indigenous and Non-Indigenous as there was interested from both groups to participate. A feather was used for talking purposes, as well as paper and a pencil were given to participants to write down what they might want to say or feel if they can’t speak right away. This teaches peers about being respectful and not talking or interrupting others when talking, it also teaches them about having patience. Our group session was opened with a prayer by our elder present and then we did brief introductions. Our elder was present during entire session for support and guidance. I then told my story from childhood to present day. My life story as an Indigenous person, partner, mother, grandmother, etc. Accepting and acknowledging that my experiences were both positive and negative but that these experiences have helped me become the person I am now. That I am also still learning to be aware of my mistakes and to forgive myself for my mistakes.

Highlights of the Event:
Giving peers an opportunity to talk about their life experiences in a safe stigma environment.
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