We were able to provide the community with 25 brand new terrariums, full with stones, soil, moss, and succulents, bring greenery into the indoors of the West End. What was even more apparent was how energized everyone was, of all ages, to get together and bond over crafting, gardening and getting to know each other. I’m proud to say this year had a more diverse crowd, in terms of age, then last year and was also bigger. It made my heart grow to see people connecting so much, friends were made and you can tell events like this ensure some people’s feeling of being a part of the community, an invaluable part of a quality life. Teaching people about plants is something I really enjoy about this project and people are always really receptive to this type of knowledge. I made connections with fellow gardeners and also taught people about plants in the home. We also had snacks for people! My connections with the gardening community are a big part of what can make this event happen, Hewer Home Hardware provided me with a generous discount on plants, stones, moss and plants, and I made sure to tell attendees about their garden center.

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