I decided to host a beading workshop on how to make a gemstone bracelet for about 10 people. I wanted to share what I learned and inspire others to get in touch with their creative side. Finding a venue was a challenge. I think the problem I was running into was being able to connect with the right people and trying to reserve a room. I had a few places in mind where I wanted to host this workshop, but I thought the library would be the best place. They were helpful and informative with the information I needed, so I reserved a room at the Surrey City Centre Library at 10350 University Drive. I created and printed flyers at home, left them at the library and posted the event on Eventbrite as a free workshop. I did post the flyer throughout my social media accounts as well.

I had 7 participants in the class, with the workshop running on time which ran for about 1.5 hours. I provided the supplies, some light snacks and drinks, and my friend assisted me along the way. I explained on the flyer what the participants were to expect from the workshop. I explained how to make a beaded gemstone bracelet, talked about different supplies that can be used and provided a gemstone properties card for them to keep. Finding supplies and organizing everything was really easy, and I enjoyed planning it.

Everyone seemed comfortable getting to know each other. I felt they were having fun and enjoying each other’s company. I did have everyone sign in and had everyone’s consent for pictures and videos. In the end, I handed out a survey for the participants to fill out. The feedback I received was excellent, and they would like to see more workshops in the future. I’m already thinking about the next one!

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