“Juguemos en el parque” or Let’s play in the park was an excellent opportunity for families with children under 12 years old to enjoy speaking Spanish in public spaces.

Through classic games such as the sack race, Simon says, pass the parcel and others, the participants enjoyed the summer and practiced their Spanish in a fun way. For many immigrant families from Spanish-speaking countries, it is a challenge to practice their native language, especially for the little ones in the house. This project allowed them to share with their peers, explore Spanish and play.

For the parents it was an opportunity to share with other families with similar backgrounds and interests. Spaces like this allow the Hispanic-speaking community to be strengthened and avoid the isolation that newcomers sometimes experience.

A big challenge in planning was the weather. The sessions were done in parks, so one session we had to change a date because it was too hot to be outside.
Outreach was easy on social media. We had a lot of support from groups of Latina moms who spread the word about the events.

“[It was] very fun for the children of the Latino community. It is very good that there is the opportunity for them to coexist and practice their Spanish.” Cecilia, mom of Alex and Roberto

This summer was a lot of fun thanks to NSG.

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