My Zoom event have been taken place on April 10th’s afternoon, from 5pm to 7pm. There were 26 people attended the Zoom event, including some disability persons and seniors.
People and I discussed the NSG warmly. Several people made speeches. After that some of them song, some of them recited the poetries and some of them made magics. They talked each other and laughed loudly on the zoom event.
They said they like NSG and like the event as this.
Two days after this Zoom meeting, people who joined my Zoom event came to the main entrance of my apartment building with a social distance to get gifts that I bought with the money of NSG in the local supermarket.
They said they are very appreciated that NSG program give them chance to joined Zoom event happily and to get free gifts.
Attached are the pictures of my Zoom event.
{Post Image:11}

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