Little Library in Trout Creek
Thanks to a grant from the Community Foundation South Okanagan Similkameen, Trout Creek children and adults now have a place to exchange books they no longer want for books they’d like to read.
On March 16, 2017, 30 people gathered at the little library in Powell Beach Park to celebrate the completion of a little library. Many people brought books at this opening, and a wonderful selection of reading material soon filled the shelves.
The little library is about 4’ x 4’, with plexiglass, wood-framed doors. There are three shelves; the bottom one designated for children. It is wheelchair accessible.
Its location is almost in the centre of Trout Creek.  Because there are so many walkers and cyclists passing by the notice board daily, the addition of the little library encourages people to stop, check out the books, and connect with each other. 
It’s only been two weeks since the opening, and this email was received:
My daughter and I love walking down (so far almost every day) to see what new book she can exchange her old book for.  Love our little community and this is just something else to make us love it even more.
This little library is a terrific neighbourhood asset, and demonstrates community pride. Not only will it encourage readers to drop by, but it will be a destination for neighbours, and perhaps a place for new residents to make friends.
Thanks to the CFSOS, the District of Summerland, and the people of Trout Creek.

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