Since 2016, our neighbours have always gathered around the time of our local community’s emergency preparedness event day, usually in May. Getting to know our neighbours is a vital first step in creating resilient communities; however, the pandemic has restricted in-person outreach events and, with so many new families moved into our community — how do we connect? Covid had us cancel our 2020 events altogether, but we really wanted to find a way forward for 2021.
Not to be stymied, our small core of organizers got to work. Successfully obtaining a Neighbourhood Small Grant allowed us to keep our momentum!
Over Zoom, our organizers got to work. One family bubble volunteered to deliver door-to-door, a poster, inviting folks to RSVP either on-line or via text, their willingness to a Meet-and-Greet date to be held on Zoom. To incentivize participation to our Zoom gathering, anyone who RSVP then received a subsequent “Goodie-Bag” containing our community District’s flyer on Household Emergency Preparedness, Commercially Baked theme cookies, and a 3’D printed emergency whistle created by one of our younger community members. Our Zoom event’s link was also included.
On May 28th, 2021, we held our Zoom: Get to Know Your Neighbour — Emergency Preparedness Themed event. Our local District’s Fire-Chief spoke to our Zoom audience. We took questions and answers. A home-grab-and-go kit was displayed, and neighbours had a chance to see and meet fellow neighbours. For fun, we provided Door-Prize draws and and held a Fun Quiz with prizes. These prizes were later delivered to the front doors of the winners. In this way, we were always able to follow Public Health Covid guidelines regarding social distancing.
Our evening was a success and allowed us to continue with vital connection building amongst
our fellow neighbours.

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