At the end of this past Summer, we ( myself, my wife, and a handful of friends hosted a jam-style skateboard competition for our local skateboard community at the newly renovated Aldergrove Skatepark. Weeks before, we reached out to local sponsors, brands and small businesses, who donated some incredible prizes, and on the day of, some people donated the use of their sound system, once person donated a bunch of freezies to give out, while others volunteered to help judge the contest, collect waivers, set up and tear down the event, and more.

The contest worked by having people sign up to compete in one of four categories: beginner, intermediate, advanced, or ladies. Then we separated the competitors into groups of 5 or less, and they got to compete in a 5 minute freestyle contest. The top 3 from each category advanced to another 5 minute finals run.

To our surprise, we had hundreds of people show up to our event, and around 60 people competed. We had enough prizes to give to the top 3 finalists in each category, and everyone really appreciated having an inclusive, fun event to come be a part of. We hope to host a similar event each year going forward.

The neighbourhood grant helped to offset the costs of getting city permits that allowed our event to happen, printing promotional flyers, making t-shirts in collaboration with a local artist and skater! Link to photos:
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