The Bowen Island Community Foundation’s Neighbourhood Small Grants supported community fruit picks at three different island locations, and the planting of fruit trees at five locations on-island.
We engaged eleven volunteers, four fruit tree donors, and also received many other enthusiastic responses from potential donors in years to come.

Low Hanging Fruit aims to build community, and community food resilience, through the planting and collective harvesting of fruit trees. This year we got off to a late start and encountered many people who experienced less than satisfactory apple harvests, but who are keen to donate next year.

Much of the fruit we did harvest was sold at the local farmer’s market by Bowen Island Food Resilience Society (BIFS) with proceeds being donated to the food bank ($42). Local food vendors who were given fruit (it was very ripe and needed to be used right away) also made donations of fruit preserves and $20.
All in all, this was a great start to a project that we hope will grow year after year connecting more islanders and growing more delicious fruit to be shared by the community.
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