My cofacilitator Kerry Bullock and I planned Luminousity for about 6 months with monthly calls and emails in between. We invited several participants, including artists, musicians, herbalists and practitioners of the healing arts, to attend. Our intention was to build community, so rather than a normal market, all of the participants (there were 23) met early to have a circle and share about who they are and what they would like support within their practice/business/community. This circle was about an hour and a half, and people loved getting to know each other and connecting in a deeper way.

After that, it was time for the public to come! We lit the bonfire, and the live music started. We had 20 tables set up around the gardens so that people could wander through and connect and buy or experience what the participants had to offer. There was a community art table in which everyone painted a flag to be strung together as a symbol of connection. We were able to get gift cards from 3 local grocery stores, so we had BBQ going the whole time with veggie burgers and bean salad and sparkling water and herbal-infused water.

The vibe was amazing! I met so many of my neighbours. We think there were about 200 people over the course of the event. We realize how important community is, and getting to know each other is so important for our well-being. The participants all shared contacts. It was important to stay in touch with the participants leading up to the date with all of the details so we had a strong follow-through (only one person cancelled.) We also had posters everywhere, signs for the event, and posted in all of the local Facebook groups and had the local radio station promote the event for free.

I would love to see more backyard events like this in communities, as many of us don’t go to church or the bar and need something where everyone is welcome.

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