My 3 year old son was my inspiration in creating the project. I wanted to create a space where adults and children could come together and just be. My intention was to help others notice their judgement of self and others and let them go. Our judgements come from our past. They live in our subconscious beliefs and by gaining awareness of them, we can change them!
What would it feel like to listen to my body and move and sound freedly?
I guided participants in embodying their voice through animal sounds, saying yes and no, and expressing different emotions. We then danced and played together. I served warm popcorn, apples and homemade kefir. Some feedback I got was that it was refreshing to be in a place where the kids could just be and not having to manage them. We let them build relationship in their unique ways. I feel that many of the places people go to heal is in the absence of children. How will our children learn if we exclude them from such sacred spaces? I invite participants to just let their kids play as I shared my story and guided the workshop. It was interesting to notice my own impulses to shhh my child. Lets create more spaces for our children and inner children to play, heal and have fun!
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