The project consisted of presenting three movies over three months:
• 17 September – Bombón: el perro (from Argentina)
• 15 October – La mala educaciòn (from Spain)
• 19 November – Gallipoli (from Australia)
Using posters, and ads on Craigslist, we advertised these films (enticing people with free popcorn and pop) throughout the neighbourhood. We used to get people to order their free tickets. Each showing saw about 40 people book tickets and approximately 20 people showed up per movie.
Our hope would be to continue this series, showing movies from January to March or April and September to November each year. This could occur either with more grant money (it costs roughly $150 per film, with rental, posters, drinks and popcorn) or by creating a membership, or charging a token ticket fee.
We talked with the attendees and this is some of the comments that we got (edited):
• Came for the fellowship;
• Came because it was free;
• Like to attend events at Gordon House;
• Came to get out with people/get out of apt./break isolation (she lives alone);
• Came to meet other people;
• An opportunity to see a great movie and meet other people from the community;
• See something in a group.
We found it interesting that there were many people who commented on joining other people in the community; this seems fitting considering recent reports about the isolation and loneliness which people are increasingly saying that they feel in Vancouver.
Gordon Neighbourhood House is like the living room of the neighbourhood and we were very happy to invite people to share some of our favourite movies and would like to continue to do so several time per year.

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