Meet & Greet – With Introduction on Photography
We organized this program to bring the community people together. Hindu Buddhist Foundation of Canada (HBFC) and Nepal Cultural Society of BC (NCSBC) helped us to invite people from their group email connections.
Photography helps us to keep our memories fresh. Everyone these days like to have photo for most of the events in which he/she has participated. Nepali community volunteer photographer Engineer Tamendra Thapa introduced the basics of photography to participants.
About 40 people participated in the program and had a joyful get-together in Fall as well as learned about the basics of photography. We think the program not only helped with the networking between community members but also had a meaningful learning about something (photography) that is helpful in day-to -day life.
In conclusion, we are very encouraged with the success of the programme and it couldn’t have happened without the help of Neighbourhood Grant. We’d like to express our gratitude to Neighbourhood Small Grant Project for financial support.

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