We held a Neighbours Get Together at Memorial Park in Summerland. It turned out to be a rainy, cold day and luckily we planned for that with lots of tents for rain coverage, but we still had a turnout of almost 100 people throughout the day! Everyone was welcome and we had tables full of snacks and drinks for all ages. We purchased a bunch of outdoor toys including hula hoops, badminton sets, bubbles, yo-yo’s, whoopee cushions and balls to play with and found the adults even more interested in the toys than the children! We met some newcomers to Summerland as well as got to spend time with old friends and neighbours. Even though the weather was awful for the most part, it was really great to see people of all ages come together just to socialize. 
Thank you for the Neighbourhood Small Grant, it mobilized our neighbours to truly gather together.

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