Did you achieve what you have set out to do?
-Yes. From 11am to 2pm on September 4, 2022, there were 100+ people attended the Multicultural Gathering by the fountain at Queen Elizabeth Park. We enjoyed ourselves by singing, dancing, acting, poetry recitation, instruments playing, music band playing and more. It was near Middle Autumn Festival, everyone enjoyed moon cakes and oranges, symbolizing happy reunion.

This NSG event was organized by Jack Zhai, and it was supported by Vancouver Foundation; NSG Vancouver; Vancouver Ballroom Dancers; and WS Immigrant and Multicultural Services Society.

Were there any surprises?
-Yes. It happened to rain very hard that day, but everyone was happy to stay in the rain and everyone enjoyed themselves in the heavy rain.

What did you learn from the process?
-Should have plan A and B for sunny weather and rainy weather although nobody seemed mind of bad weather.

Who came?
-Neighbours and friends, total 100+ people.

What’s your memorable moment?
-Scene Acting by multicultural ethnicities: At the Shopping Mall, Going to Airport, Being Sick and call 911; Group Singing of Red River Valley and Auld Lang Syne; Guitar, saxophone and harmonica performances; Senior Model Show; dance; poetry recitation and more, in total of nearly 20 performances, were very funny and very enjoyable.

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