This year marks the fourth of our beloved gathering, which we aptly named “Mountain Fest.” What began as a response to unforeseen circumstances has transformed into a cherished tradition that invigorates our community spirit and strengthens the bonds.

Our event has become a beacon of unity, attracting neighbours and friends to immerse themselves in the festivities. The talents of Dennis C, who not only graced us with his performance but also unearthed the remarkable talents of our youth, who took the stage with their mesmerizing acts. The festivity-packed schedule included a parade, a day of sun-soaked fun at the beach complete with sandcastle sculpting, a spirited neighbourhood hike, a talent show, an open mic night to showcase diverse artistic expressions. Games, coveted prizes, vibrant stickers, gleaming trophies, and a delightful spread of delectable food was offered.

Thanks to the support of the Neighbourhood Small Grant, it was even a more fantastic celebration. With gratitude, we extend our thanks.
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