I stumbled upon my first little library awhile ago and my wheels began to turn! As a teacher, I saw this “leave a book, take a book” little box as a neighbourhood treasure! So when Covid ground us to a halt, I felt our neighbourhood needed a convenient free little library. What a coincidence to learn about the NSG at this time! I live 10k from Grand Forks making it challenging for many residents to make it into our wonderful town library and we have many first-time homeschoolers in our area, too. Now, thanks to the grant and various items donated (and much-needed muscle power), Mrs.Taylor’s Little Library is a success! The books, puzzles and games are a hit! The turnover rate is impressive as well as the 200+ likes and comments on the Facebook page! The guest book is full of compliments and, thanks to an article written in our local paper, many people in town are coming to check out our neighbourhood treasure! Please follow our site on Facebook for different highlighted genres and who knows what else!
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