Dear NSG Community Coordinators:
On Friday, October 18th 2019, from 1pm to 3pm, we held our NSG event “Multicultural Welcoming Free Lunch” by the Multicultural Women Peer Mentoring Group at South Vancouver Neighborhood House Room #304. Approximately 55 people attended including cute babies from different countries. Our original project name was “Multicultural Welcoming Potluck”, but we changed the name because we wanted to invite more people to come out to meet and connect with their neighbors.
Our goal was to have participants enhance the life of the neighborhood, introduce their native countries, share and try delicious multicultural dishes/drinks, learn about multicultural activities from each other and build-up friendships.
Before the event day, we also had lovely ladies from the Multicultural Women Peer Mentoring Group led by Kwangyoung Conn (SVNH Multicultural Settlement and Labor Market Program Worker) spend time to make the posters on the event day to educate everyone about their countries such as CANADA, S. KOREA, EL SALVADOR, IRAQ, ENGLAND, FIJI, AFGHANISTAN, UZBEKISTAN, SYRIA, MEXICO, TURKEY, TAIWAN, HONG KONG and CHINA. Our presentations went really well and the food was awesome. People were satisfied with learning new things, trying tasty foods, and meeting new friends. We all had a wonderful day.
It’s great to have the support from the South Vancouver Neighborhood House, Neighborhood Small Grants program, and NSG Coordinators help, so our event could be accomplished successfully. Thank you so much!!! 🙂
Yi-Chun (Melody) Chen

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