The goals of this Neighbourhood Small Grants Program are as follows:
-Connect and engage neighbours
-Share neighbours’ skills and knowledge -Increase sense of belonging and responsibility to your community -Respect and celebrate diversity

I am confident that each one of the goals was met.

The first event featured Barbara Price who presented a review of Mack Laing’s diary of Baybrook and took place in my home with 10 women in attendance. Barbara edited the book which is now being sold to all who are interested in Mack’s fascinating adventures and a view of Comox 100 years ago.

A very lively Q and A followed Barbara’s presentation with many personal experiences enhancing the discussion time.

Thanks to this grant, Mack Laing’s talent and his contribution to our Town stirred a sense of pride in this audience and united a group of women who met for the first time following the Covid isolation.

The second event brought approximately 40 – 50 people together to acknowledge and celebrate the volunteers @ Murrelet Place. These were volunteers who stepped out and served our community beyond all expectations. As a new comer to the Murrelet Place community I can see that Murrelet’s commendable reputation is well deserved.
Bringing together new comers and established residents while expressing gratitude to the volunteers certainly speaks volumes.

Thank you for the opportunity to participate,

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