My project was about using the mediums of music and visual art with a veil in between the two, to explore how artists create using just their intuition from what they hear in the music without any background information. I worked with my friends studying music in university to record the music remotely, and I had the pleasure of collaborating with the Art Council of New Westminster to elevate the project by using their website and contacts to reach a greater audience. I was able to feature 80+ artists of various ages from children to seniors on an online gallery, which can be viewed and listened to at

When I was developing the project, I intended to create a physical gallery. Due to the pandemic, few places were open to begin with, and I learned that booking a venue typically takes at least a year in advance. Since my project was short-term, I needed to find a way to share the project with the public more immediately. After I contacted several art administrators in the city, the Art Council of New Westminster was incredibly supportive by providing resources and suggestions for how to make the idea into a reality. I realized that the Arts Council had an online gallery for local artists, and I could imagine my project being displayed among the photos of outstanding artworks already on the gallery. Instead, I had the opportunity to dedicate an entire webpage for “Mystery Music in Art” on the official Arts Council website! From this project, I learned how to build a webpage, how to advertise my project to attract participants, and most of all, that there were wonderful community members that believed in and wanted to support my project. Neighbourhood Small Grants gave me confidence and resources to complete my first funded project and inspired me to think of other projects that I could take on next.
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