This year’s main focus was Art in the garden. I’m happy to report that all the activities were well received by the participants. As well as many other people( high school kids, families, dog walkers etc.) that walk pass the garden. Every time we work in the garden, many people comment on how they purposely take this path to see what is new in the garden. They are taking the time to talk about our project and what is growing in the garden. And delight in seeing all the art installations in the garden. They wish to help and are even inspired to do it in their garden. They said that it is a hidden gem in the neighbourhood.
Activity one: Egg Decorating paired with Spring flowers. Geranium planting in containers
Activity two: Flower Crown Making with flowers in the garden.
Activity three: Summer planting( Rudbeckia, Hydrangeas and Marigold). Kindness bouquet giveaways.
Activity four: Fall Planting( Datura, Marigold, Japanese Blood Grass and Geraniums) Concrete Paver Stone painting.
I’m so happy to have carried out these activities. The best part was engaging the people in the community that I live in and making positive connections with others.

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