The RNSG provided our neighbourhood with the opportunity to do something together while staying safely apart during the pandemic. We were not able to organize our annual block party due to COVID-19 restrictions, so I initiated a gardening project this year. The grant helped provide all the necessities to start some vegetable and flower gardening (i.e. seedlings and soil). Everyone was able to enjoy some safe, outdoor gardening, a wonderful activity to engage in while we were all isolating in our homes. Neighbours contributed their suggestions for the types of plants that they would like to grow, and the type of soil they would like. I tallied everything up and bought the top choices from local nurseries out of all the ideas garnered. One neighbour kindly offered his truck which I gladly took him up on. I organized everyone to pick up their plants on one day during staggered times. People were able to greet one another as they passed by. All the neighbours were so appreciative of this gesture and happy to have something motivate them to start gardening during trying times. We are all learning how to garden together. This whole project has been memorable and continues to provide much joy as we tend to our plants throughout this season. Thank you, NSG!
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