Last year I held a same event for my Interested Singing Group on Zoom. This year’s event was the second time, according to the wishes of my group members.
The event took place on July 24, Saturday 2021, from 5.00pm to 6.30pm on Zoom.
There were 23 people attended the event on Zoom that day, though there were about 60 people who knew the event situation because of my flyers. Among them 50% were women, 98% were seniors and some disability person.
They have sung 15 songs and instrument play on the Zoom event.
All of them had a good time that day.
After the event I passed the 23 sets of gifts, I bought in advance with NSG fund, to every person who attended the Zoom event that day in an open, safety place. They all delighted with the gifts.
They said to me that they like NSG program. Because of NSG, they could see each other, laugh loudly, make jokes and sing songs on the Zoom event, also they could get gifts from NSG.
They said they hope their singing group can hold the same event next year. I hope so.
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