We came together and had a BBQ in our cul-d-sac. All of the people who live on our street were invited to attend, including grandkids and grandparents.

All food was purchased in advance so no one had to contribute anything. We did this because we hosted the event on a Friday and thought it would make working peoples lives easier!

We hired a musician to provide live music, however he did not show due to personal reasons. We improvised and played our own music with a Bluetooth speaker. We had 43 people in attendance.

I had contacted our Blockwatch RCMP representative in advance to come chat with us, however she wasn’t able to make it, so she dropped off some pamphlets, colouring sheets and stickers the day of, and I put them out on a table and encouraged everyone to take some.

We were able to all sign a sympathy card for a neighbour who recently lost their significant other.
Overall it went smoothly and everyone had positive feedback about the evening.

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