On a blustery Saturday in November 2022, 35 neighbours bundled up and braved the cold to meet on our driveway and get crafty together! We held a Neighbourhood Workshop to make matching Christmas-light ball decorations. We advertised with flyers on our local mailboxes and word of mouth, and had 12 households register for the workshop. Using chicken wire, string lights, and plenty of zap-straps, we bent and twisted and entwined and decorated our creations to create Christmas harmony in our cul-de-sac! We used the NSG grant money to cover half the cost of the workshop supplies plus hot drinks and snacks for everyone, while neighbours also brought treats to share. Merriment abounded, and we finished the afternoon with matching giant Christmas-light balls that were hung from trees and houses, placed in garden displays, and brighten up our street in the most jolly way. Many thanks to the NSG program through Alexandra House for supporting our project, which beautified our street and strengthened our neighbourhood and community ties!

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