The Nelson Park Community Garden was ten years old this year and we decided to have a birthday party in the park for the community gardeners also inviting the wider community as many people stop to talk with us as we are tending our plots.
We held this party on August 25th, 2018. We erected a tent to cover our cake and our information in case of rain. Although it was cloudy and there were a few showers there was a good attendance by gardeners and community.
We had musicians playing, face painting for the children, food for those who wanted it and many leaflets. There were a number of people with questions about the garden and many elected to be taken on a tour around it. Other people had questions about plants they were trying to grow in their own gardens and due to the great diversity of plants grown by the community gardeners we were able to answer all questions and give a lot of requested advice.
Another feature was the apiary which was started a couple of years ago by those who had a particular in bees. Although it was not feasible to open the hives, many of the children had an interest and learned a lot.
We are very grateful for the grant as we otherwise would not have been able to do so much

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